What Is...Telemedicine?

Author: Alexis S. Gilroy

ISBN: 1634250060

Number Of Pages: 153

Publisher: American Bar Association


This handy resource provides a broad overview of the telemedicine industry and prepares the reader to better understand and address the technology and patient care aspects of telemedicine, but also the critical policy and legal issues that surround and support--and sometimes impede--its adoption.

  • Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "What exactly is Telemedicine?"
  • Have you ever wondered what is the difference between "Telemedicine" and "Telehealth?"
  • How familiar are you with Mobile Health (mHealth)? Could you explain it to a client or colleague?


If you are unsure about any of the questions above, this book is for you. This book includes examples of companies operating in the telehealth, telemedicine, and mHealth markets and a discussion of how telemedicine is well positioned to address some of the current U.S. health care market failures.


As a bonus at the end of the book you will find: Appendix A - List of Telemedicine-Specific References; Appendix B - Sample Informed Consent Form from the American Telemedicine Association; Appendix C - 2015 State Telemedicine Legislation Tracking (as of 1/20/15)

EAN: 9781634250061

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