Telehealth Nursing: Tools and Strategies for Optimal Patient Care

Author: Dawna Martich MSN RN

Brand: Ingramcontent

Edition: 1


  • Telehealth Nursing Tools and Strategies for Optimal Patient Care

ISBN: 0826132324

Number Of Pages: 410

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Including all the information necessary for safe, competent practice, this hands-on resource walks nurses through telehealth guidelines and procedures to optimize patient communication, perform assessments, and provide effective care of chronic conditions. Replete with case studies and sample dialogue to mimic real-life telehealth situations, introductory chapters cover patient and nurse perspectives on both sides of the telephone. Other sections cover individual body systems, breaking them down into individual common diseases and disorders that might intersect with telehealth nursing.

The text instructs nurses on how to actively listen to the patient "between the lines" in the absence of an in-person examination and discern the right questions to ask and tone to adopt. Chapters provide enhanced communication techniques for performing comprehensive health assessments using only the sense of hearing and resources available through the telephone. Clinical Pearls are scattered throughout the text from those who have been "in the trenches" and cared for a wide variety of patients using the telehealth nursing techniques illustrated in this book.

Key Features:

  • Helps nurses understand the keys to successful telehealth nursing
  • Teaches enhanced, specialized communication techniques including "active listening"
  • Guides nurses in assessing patients using only the sense of hearing/active listening
  • Includes case studies, algorithms, patient teaching resources, and more
  • Reviews body systems and disease processes with application exercises

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