Telemedicine and Telehealth 2.0: A Practical Guide for Medical Providers and Patients

Author: Victor Lyuboslavsky

Edition: 1

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 228

Release Date: 2015-10-28

Details: Telemedicine and telehealth provide convenience, efficiency, and quality care for both medical providers and patients. From his day-to-day experience running the telemedicine technology team at, Victor Lyuboslavsky presents a detailed look at the past, the present, and the future opportunities in telemedicine. Over the past decade, the telemedicine technologies and use models have matured. Today we live in the era of Telemedicine 2.0, where physicians and patients can interact remotely and transfer medical data using their own general-purpose computing devices.

This book is an overview and a practical guide covering the major types of telemedicine. It explains how today's medical providers are making the best use of telehealth. Victor covers the benefits and challenges of store-and-forward telemedicine, real-time telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring. For medical providers considering the transition to telemedicine, this book gives detailed advice on getting up and running quickly, and suggestions on squeezing the most value out of telemedicine. For patients curious to know more, this book gives the full picture of telemedicine, including what goes on behind the scenes at the doctor's office.

The health care industry is shifting to embrace the telemedicine virtual visit. Based on his interactions with medical providers, health care professionals, and patients, Victor uncovers the many opportunities and obstacles in the current transition. Telemedicine is the future. Let's not keep the future waiting.