AccuMed Pulse Oximeter

The AccuMed CMS-50D pulse oximeter is a small, lightweight device that painlessly attach to a fingertip to monitor the amount of oxygen (SpO2) carried in the body. It is simple enough for patients to use from home. In addition to oxygen level, pulse rate is also measured. 

How to use it with  During a telemedicine call on, your patient can use the device to measure their blood oxygen or pulse rate. When the results appear, they can show you the read out on the device using their web cam. 


  • AccuMed's digital LED display with low power consumption plus auto-power off feature allows for 40 continuous hours of battery life.
  • Cover against ambient light offers superior ease of reading. Fast and accurate SpO2 and pulse measurements.
  • Accommodates pediatric to adult finger sizes and can be used by sports and exercise enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in measuring pulse rate and oxygen saturation.
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries, lanyard, and convenient carrying case.
  • This product contains materials made from rubber. Intended for sports and aviation users only and not intended for medical use. Guaranteed by 1 US year warranty offered exclusively by AccuMed.

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